We are thankful for sisters...

I believe in sisters. I believe sisters are best friends you do not choose. A sister is more than a person with whom you share parents, bedrooms, and clothes; a sister is a best friend you can be brutally honest with. I believe a sister is someone who will fight just as hard for you as they will with you.

Growing up the youngest of three girls has proven to be the most defining aspect of my life.  It is a strange concept to constantly be told I look exactly like two people who look nothing alike. Either way I am flattered. I have two older sisters who could not be more different, put us together and you would not know we are sisters except for the fact that we all have the same smile.  I do not think this is a coincidence because when we are together it seems to be all we do.

When you are young, an older sister is someone who has way more privileges than you, the coolest clothes, and is someone who you would do anything to tag along with if they would just let you this one time.  A sister is also the person who says “don’t touch me” on long car trips and tells you to “get lost” when in front of her friends; but behind closed doors she wants to paint your nails and play Barbies.   I believe older sisters are absolutely necessary when a young girl is growing up and going through the awkward teenage years.  I believe every girl needs an older sister to help her do her hair for her first date, help pick out a prom dress, and to cry to when you get into trouble.

Once you reach adulthood sisterhood changes, as you grow friends come and go but sisters stay. A sister is the best kind of friend to have; with sisters jealousy doesn’t exist, you genuinely want the best for her despite your own wants or needs.

Without sisters who would tell you that your new outfit is dreadful or your “skinny pose” in pictures is ridiculous and needs to stop! No one can make you laugh or cry like a sister.  No matter where life takes you a sister is the one who puts you in your place when your head gets too big, wipes your tears, makes you feel at home no matter where you are, and would drop everything to be with you if you needed her.  I am blessed to have two amazing older sisters who contributed to and remind me of who I am and where I come from.  
~Rachel Guss

Thank you for Running for Rachel!
~Erin & Lisa                                                                                                     


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